The Annual Memorial Day “Murph” Workout

Written by: Erin Beene
Tactical Response Force hosts commemorative “Murph” workout on Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, carrying on an honoring tradition spanning more than a decade, people all over the world have participated in specific “hero workout of the day,” or WOD, to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. A renowned hero WOD is named “The Murph” after LT Michael P. Murphy, US Navy, who died in 2005 in Afghanistan. The workout–consisting of: 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run all while wearing a weighted vest–was one of LT Murphy’s favorite workouts for his Navy SEAL teammates.

More information can be found about LT Murphy and his sacrifice at

Group of mostly Security Forces members gathered on Memorial Day to complete the “Murph” workout.
Northern Sentry photo I Erin Beene

Several Airmen at Minot AFB took this challenge to commemorate LT Murphy by participating in group or individual “Murph” workouts. The 91 SFG held their workout on Memorial Day morning, Monday May 29, at 8 am while many people were enjoying the day off to sleep in. While it was the 91 MSOS Tactical Response Force (TRF) Defenders that organized the event, all SF units in both wings were invited to participate.

U.S. Air Force photo I SrA Taylor Hendrickson, 91 MSFS

Master Sergeant Meldion Shehy, 91 MSOS, and Senior Airmen Heath Clement, 91 MSOS, were among the group who organized the event. Clement said that he has done this workout every year for at least 6-7 years and as far as he knows, the TRF unit has held one for themselves every year, but this year they decided to open it up to all Defenders on the base. Airman First Class Parker Lund, 91 MSOS, said that the yearly “Murph” workout was “a good way to work out and also pay respects.” Captain Kij Bennett, 891 MSFS, attended the workout with his two young sons, who he encouraged to complete the workout to the best of their ability.

The “Murph” is one of many ways that Airmen and their families took time out of their day on this Memorial Day to remember those who gave their lives for this country.

SrA Heath Clement 91 MSOS helped organize the event.
U.S. Air Force photos I SrA Taylor Hendrickson, 91 MSFS

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