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Northern Sentry’s Jr. Journalism Program

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Wait, what is journalism? It encompasses getting information about a person, place or event and writing it down for others to read about. Sounds easy right!? The Northern Sentry understands how important GOOD journalism is and how the craft is getting a bit lost on younger generations. So, the Jr. Journalism Program has been created to help kids learn about what Journalism is, what it isn’t, how to spot good stories and how to pinpoint ‘fake news’. The program aims to take students who are learning to write and teach them the age-old, yet always fluctuating craft of how to turn research into a piece of writing that can educate or inspire others.

This program offers kids from Minot AFB a chance to write a story or article about an event or person around the base or town. They will then submit the article for publication. If the story meets our requirements, it will be PUBLISHED in the Northern Sentry and online to share with family and friends! The program is open to dependents under age 18. So many kids have already taken advantage of this program, but we hope to have a submission for every single paper edition! But this isn’t all, we are taking it one step farther and will help older kids find a story to cover on base! Older Jr. Journalists (ages 13-17) who really want to write about something, but still don’t know what; never fear! Shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll assign you a real-life story to cover. Erin Beene, the Northern Sentry base reporter will meet up with you (and a parent) to attend a base event. We will go over what to do, how to find the right person to talk to and what questions to ask. Then we’ll go over how to write a story about it! Just shoot us a message on FB if your teen is interested in attending an event and writing the story for the Northern Sentry Newspaper! See our submission guides below and start looking for something interesting to write about. We’d love to see what those amazing teenagers can write!

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