Discover Minot Excursion:
Find Out Why You Might
NOT Hate it Here

Written by: Erin Beene
Painted Mural in Downtown Minot. Minot Downtown Business & Professional Association Photo

The “Minot Meltdown” (not referring to the massive snow melt) is that familiar moment of dread and overwhelming despair that washes over many Airmen and their family members when they receive orders to the 5th Bomb Wing or the 91st Missile Wing. You know what I’m talking about. Deemed as one of the least ideal bases in the military from notable online sources as and, not too many Airmen are putting Minot AFB on their dream sheets. However, despite the months of seemingly ever lasting cold and wind, there are people who have realized that Minot isn’t really all that bad if given a chance. In fact, some even say that they end up LOVING it here.
So what makes Minot a worthwhile and special assignment that can become a favorite? Besides the welcoming citizens, quaint small town feel and beautiful summers, the city of Minot has so many hidden gems that will bring a smile to even the most cynical newbie; however, sometimes these unique shops and fun experiences can be hard to uncover. Instead of waiting for you to discover all Minot has to offer, the Northern Sentry has made it its mission to bring the town of Minot to YOU with the brand new Discover Minot Excursion.
This tourist-style tour bus adventure will pick up Airmen and adult dependents on base and give you a day of sight-seeing and discovery of your temporary home. We’re betting that even those who have been here a while will discover something new. Scheduled for Wednesday, May 25, the Discover Minot Excursion will not only show you around town and direct you to all the cool locations, it also offers a tasty lunch from ‘Cookies for You’, a chance to win a few hundred bucks in gift cards, plus other perks all for only $10/person! This morning and afternoon excursion connects you with the city and all the hidden downtown Minot opportunities, allowing you to get established quicker and feel at home sooner. To help you have a great assignment, the Discover Minot Excursion is open to new and seasoned Minot AFB members. Spaces are extremely limited, so visit to find out how to sign up today.
We know, May is a crazy month. So if you are bummed that you can’t make it this time around, fear not! The Northern Sentry plans on making the Discover Minot Excursion a seasonal thing, having one in early Fall as well as a special holiday-themed excursion in early December. We will keep you posted on further dates and we look forward to showing you around town!

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