A Mother’s Day Tribute: Military Moms

Written by: Erin Beene

Mother’s Day weekend is here again. It’s the time of year where moms everywhere get extra love, hugs and ‘maybe’ a little extra time to sleep. While this Sunday is a day to celebrate all moms everywhere, here at the Northern Sentry, we would like to give a special shout-out to our active duty mothers here at Minot AFB. These moms not only wear the Air Force uniform bravely, but also show their children how women can make a difference in the world. We thank you for all you do as moms and as Airmen! Check-out some of our active duty moms and what they said being a ‘Mom in the Military’ means to them.

“Sometimes it’s stressful, but more often than not it’s just a little hectic and messy. Morning daycare drop offs, late training days, and still have to come home and make sure dinner is ready or that my home is taken care of. My husband and I are both active duty so we divide and conquer and that really helps. I couldn’t imagine doing it alone. Because it really takes a village. I have amazing leadership that is incredibly understanding about the struggles with finding childcare, so from time to time I bring my 4 month old to work with me.” – TSgt Laurielle McDermott, 891st Missile Security Forces Squadron

“Being a mom in the military can be challenging but I’m in a great squadron that allows me to be home everyday to be able to see my little man. My leadership always has my back when it comes to any issue I may have with childcare or any other family issues. What made me stay in the military instead of getting out is all the amazing people I have met while being in.”- SrA Lynette Albo, 91st Missile Security Operations Squadron/Convoy Response Force

“Motherhood is truly amazing. To me being a military mother is an added bonus. I get to be a positive role model in my son’s life showing him that life is about continuously improving yourself. I’m able to simultaneously serve my country and provide for those closest to me. I can fulfill my career alongside caring for my child has been a tremendous blessing. It requires a little more sweat and tears some days but I’m grateful for this opportunity.”- A1C Tayshia Pugh, 5th Security Forces Squadron

“As a military mother of 19 years being a mom is one of the greatest achievements. Being a mother has allowed me to be a better leader and First Sergeant for my Airmen. While some days may be challenging, my children are the reason why I am always excited to return home. Their warm smiles and hugs make the day melt away.”- MSgt Adrian Galcik, 91st Missile Security Forces Squadron

“Being a mom in the military has been one of the most rewarding yet most difficult tasks I’ve encountered. Finding a perfect balance between work and home, especially as I progress in rank, is nearly impossible. However, I am proud to be a strong role model for my son and daughter. They are the light to my day and the strength I need when I feel like a failure. They motivate me to be the best mom and leader I can be. I cannot imagine life without them.”- TSgt Ariel Venne, 5th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron

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