5th Medical Group Pharmacy
Implements New
Feature to Better Serve Patients

Written by:
A1C Rushanna Rayson, Pharmacy Technician.

The 5th Medical Group Pharmacy is happy to announce that they will have a new text feature to let you know exactly when medications are ready for pick-up. During the check-in process simply alert the pharmacy staff that you would like to receive a text message when the medication is ready, and their team will verify telephone contact information. Patients can receive text messages when filling civilian or military provider ordered prescriptions. Furthermore, if there is any type of issue with a prescription, a text message will alert you to contact the pharmacy for more details. Patients can get information about low stock or medications that need prior authorizations from providers faster and without a trip into the medical facility. Finally, if 5 MDG patients forget to pick up medications, a reminder text message will be sent to alert them that the medication is pending pick-up. 5 MDG is proud to serve you and excited to introduce this new communication feature.

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