Military Voting in North Dakota: How & When

Feb 22, 2024
Written by: Erin Beene
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First off, are you a North Dakota state resident?

Don’t know? Do you have a ND state driver’s license? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then most likely you ARE! That means a few things, but focusing on voting in upcoming elections, that means you can vote right here in the state for the local government and the presidential elections. North Dakota does not require you to register to vote separately; a state ID does that for you.
Let’s briefly go over the importance of voting, why you should and how you can do it right here in Minot. Voting at all levels of government is pivotal to the American system. It goes without saying that one cannot complain about the current leaders unless at the bare minimum one did the most basic form of caring about the country: voting. It is our American right and privilege.

Don’t feel informed enough to make a decision either way? Don’t feel like one single vote will make any difference? These are all contemplations that plague all voters from time to time. But really, if all the people that felt this way actually voted and took half an hour to look through the options, then chances are we would have a much different political climate.

Casting your vote for a candidate that you aren’t 100% certain of can be intimidating; but if you don’t see a main party candidate you support, look over the Independents or take the opportunity to work towards getting the right people in the seats from lower elections. There is always something you can affect by voting. Vote for the best in the options available.
The city of Minot is dependent on Minot AFB and the community it provides. The city truly wants military members and their families to take part in Minot and the local leadership. They need you to speak your mind and tell them what you want and need. You are a part of the community as much as any life-long Minotian.

So, if you are a local ND’er now (AKA a North Dakota Resident), take some time to find out how to vote and where to do it. It takes a few minutes to represent the state you are now a resident of. This North Dakota official website answers every possible question you may have about voting in ND–where to go, who is running in every election and dates. It’s got your back. Check it out now Deciding who to vote for and where to do it will be a worthwhile endeavor of your adult life.

If you are NOT a North Dakota state resident, never fear, you can and still should vote in your state and county and can do it easily by absentee voting. The Military Family Readiness Center can help you out if you have questions about how to register for an absentee ballot. Also, According to Jolene Haller, Community Readiness Consultant MFRC, each squadron has at least one designated “Voting Representative” Airman who can assist with voting questions. She also mentioned that Key Spouses can help point family members in the right direction if questions arise. The MFRC will also be holding a Voting informational event later this spring. Go out and vote this year.

There’s also the Federal Voting Assistance Program that has information for military members from any state of residence

Important Upcoming Dates for the Presidential Election:
North Dakota State Primary Elections: March 2024 ( different dates/time for each party)
General Election: November 5, 2024

*If you have further questions about ND state residency and how it affects you as an AD member or spouse, check out this Northern Sentry article that explains it all: License and Registration Please

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