Jr. Journalism:Norsk Høstfest

Oct 5, 2023
Written by: Leon Rivera, Age 7
We thought this giant Norwegian cake decoration looked good enough to eat!

I saw a Viking fight! They had actual, armored axes, swords, shields–and everything else a Viking would have. I saw this Viking fight at Norsk Høstfest 2023.

Anyway, let’s get to the basics. Høstfest is an annual Scandinavian celebration every year. It’s hosted at the State Fairgrounds. It was a great time.

There’s lots of food at Høstfest, and we only tried some. I had a troll ear there. A troll ear is a cinnamon-y dessert. I ate lutefisk and lefse. Lutefisk is fish, and lefse is bread. I liked lefse better. Krumkake and trollkrem is like a dessert–it’s a hollow shell full of raspberry ice cream. It was very good!

Leon recommends the Krumkake & Trollkrem from the Sons of Norway booth!

There were a bunch of troll decorations there, because it is in Scandinavian culture. There was a giant Viking boat that we got to look at. The ladies and men were dressed up like Vikings! Me and my baby brother got to dress up as Vikings. We wore helmets, we chose our weapons–but my little brother kept dropping his weapon, and his helmet slipped off!

I saw Familie Fjord, which is on the mezzanine floor. I saw a musical band and a chorus song on the stage. I liked the chorus, because of the dance that they did.
For sale I saw wreaths, Scandinavian clothes, and I bought a sword and shield, because I wanted to have something to play with.

Norsk Høstfest is the greatest Hostfest of all!

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