Thank You For Your Service

Written by: Rodney Wilson

I have lived in Minot for over 45 years. I arrived here a single, just graduated from college, fledgling journalist. This was my first job in my career field. I found an apartment, set up my household and soon discovered that I needed something, besides my job, to keep me busy. After looking around, there were a lot of events going on, and they all seemed to need volunteers. Within a couple of months my lonely evening hours were soon filled with volunteer jobs. Didn’t pay very well, but I was meeting people and feeling good about helping out my community.

Fast forward to 2023 and the Festival on Main event scheduled for September 9th in Downtown Minot. These events run on volunteer labor, and we were short. I guess you can call it “looking under every rock” as we contacted several groups to help with set up, programming and tear down. One local vendor, a winery from Coleharbor, was in dire need of someone to run their booth and sell wine, more appropriately put, wine produced right here in North Dakota. The grape harvest was a little earlier than normal in 2023. Wolf Creek Wineries did not want to pull out of the festival, and so I put on my volunteer hat and said, “we can do it, we’ll man your booth.”

How was I going to find enough people to help me? The answer came from the circle of contacts I have at Minot Air Force Base. A young man, A1C Tate stepped up to the plate and volunteered to help. Tate would be there from 10 AM to 5 PM and would take the job of running the Point Of Sale computer. Prayers answered. Airman Tate had over 13 years of retail experience. Sure, he had made a switch in careers as right now he is with 5 BW Public Affairs. But he handled the checkout system like a pro. I could not say “Thank You” enough.

Thanks For Your Service
During his 7 hour tenure as a volunteer at our tent, I took every opportunity I had to inform potential customers that our volunteer checking you out was in the military. I cannot count the number of times that he received a smile and a “Thank You for your service” response. It really made me, as a member of the Minot community, proud to have these people recognize this young man for his service to our country. It’s so simple to do. We as community members letting people know that he not only serves his country, but he serves his now adopted community.
Time after time the community of Minot has turned to Minot Air Force Base to help out with volunteer hours in support of community events and they have answered the call. You may have heard that they are voluntold, but I think that is only part of the story. I believe it is the community of Minot, and community of Minot Air Force Base joining forces to make it work, whatever “it” is.

So, thanks for your service A1C Tate; to both your country and your community. Very Much Appreciated.

Best Kept Secrets
This one comes directly from a group that I play with, the Brass Band of Minot. We need a few good horns…and a few good drummers. The Brass Band of Minot is the only British Style Brass Band in Minot, and we need brass players. Didn’t bring your horn along, haven’t played for a while? We have horns and we will make it work. Just send me an email at if you are interested. The commitment is 3 PM to 4:30 PM on Sundays, with four concerts a year. Minot has a great history of producing quality musical groups, and the Brass Band of Minot would welcome you with open arms.

Today’s Chuckle
Success is usually just a string of failures followed by dumb luck, which you brag about as skill.

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