Welcome To Minot

Aug 18, 2023
Written by: Rodney Wilson

In recent days I have run into quite a few people who just arrived in the Magic City. After exchanging names and a bit of history, the conversation will soon move into one of several common topics.

Schools- If they have kids they will ask about the schools. I am always very positive about the school systems in, and around Minot. We had three boys go through the Minot Public School system, all with positive results. In addition, there are several other options including Bishop Ryan, Our Redeemers and Nedrose, just to name a few.

Activities- The Wilson family wore out three vehicles running to and from various activities. Soccer, hockey, piano lessons, band, karate…you just have to take your pick. Just down the street in Oak Park is a dance studio. I explain that I have heard a lot of positive comments about the studio and the instructors. Once again, my comments are positive.

Must Do’s- I have always been a cheerleader for the Roosevelt Park Zoo. It is a great zoo. The new “cat” exhibits are world class. Next year the zoo will start to undergo a transformation to make way for flood mitigation. Better put, some of the exhibits will be moved to make room for dikes and flood walls. It will be exciting to see all of the new exhibits that are constructed.

The Magic City Discovery Center has recently opened, and it’s a great family destination. You aren’t going to get through the entire center in one day, but that’s OK. There are several options for family passes, and military discounts.

Berry Pumpkin Patch- It’s a few weeks away, but a google search will put you on their website or Facebook Page. What started out as a pumpkin patch and corn maze, is now another great family destination. We are planning to take our grandkids out and get a photo for our Christmas card. Once again, plan on spending at least a couple of hours.
Oak Park Theater- With the closing of the theater on base, Oak Park Theater has become a great option. They are a second run theater and have great movies for adults on those date night opportunities. Saturday and Sunday there are usually a couple of kid friendly movies. The have a great website that lists all of the show times.

High Air Ground- On your way out the door of Oak Park Theater you will see High Air Ground, Minot’s Jump Park. If the kids have a lot of energy, this is a great place to “wear them down”. Besides jumping, there is dodge ball and other activities.
It is always a pleasure to share my knowledge about Minot and the area. No conversation would quite be complete without a short chat about the weather, and the upcoming winter weather. I tell them that North Dakota has four distinct seasons, and three of them are great.

I had to laugh the other day when the conversation turned to plugging in your car in the winter. “Is that to charge the battery, somewhat like an electric car?” the Mom I was talking to asked. Well, no, I explained. It’s to warm the car’s motor so it will start easier.” Her middle school son quickly explained that he had read that it could get to zero some days in Minot. “I bet that is when you need to plug in your car” he quickly added. Knowing that they would get into the winter culture soon enough, I agreed. “Yep, it certainly does get to zero, and that’s when we put away our short pants” I laughed. He looked at me with one of those “where did this guy come from?” looks.

Welcome to Minot…the Magic City. Remember, Only The Best Come North.

Best Kept Secrets
Hit The Lakes! Most of the lakes have warmed up to the point where a visit to the beach is a great way to spend a day. Pack a picnic lunch as most have nice picnic areas. There is Lake Metigoshe, Ft. Stevenson State Park, Lewis and Clark State Park, just to name a few. Enjoy one last trip before school starts.

Today’s Chuckle
The hotel guest called room service, “I want a breakfast of two eggs burned black around the edges, undercooked bacon, weak coffee, watery orange juice, and cold, hard, unbuttered toast.”
The room service clerk asked, “Why in the world would you want a terrible breakfast like that?”
“I’m homesick.”

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