Hosting Anyone?

Written by: Brianna Low, Northern Sentry
Vasas family sons, Max and Miles, with host player Noah Miller #12 at one of the many Hot Tot games the Vasas family attended.

Every time I’ve gone to a Hot Tots or Tauros game, I’ve seen them recognize these host families who have agreed to let these players into their home for the season. It was something that seemed interesting but impossible on the base. That was until I talked to the Vasas family.

Northern Sentry: What led you to choose to sponsor a player?

Vasas’: Going to baseball games during the summers here is one of our favorite outings to do as a family.
We discovered that you could be a host family when the former baseball team was playing at Corbett Field. We thought we lost the opportunity when the last league dissolved, so we were thrilled to see that the Northwoods League was coming to Minot. We began following their page before the name and mascot were even announced.

We were ecstatic to see that the Northwoods League would also need host families.
Over the years, we’ve had several people stay with us for different lengths of time, so opening up our home for the summer months to one of the college players was right up our alley, especially since our boys have started to love the game as well.

NS: What was the process like to get him approved to be on base?

Vasas’: The process was very easy. We made sure our player had the proper documentation so that Security Forces could complete a background check at the Visitor Center. You need a Real ID- the one with a star), or two forms of ID. Our player used his Driver’s License and Passport. Once the check was completed, we were to obtain a 30 day pass and sponsor him onto the base as a guest.

He stayed with us from Memorial Weekend until this past week when we began PCSing. In total, it was just about 30 days combined.

NS: What has been your favorite part of being a sponsor?

Vasas’: We’ve loved becoming an extended part of what helps the league function for the summer and building relationships with the team, the interns, and our player.

We love it when our player hits the mound as well! It’s been so much fun cheering him on & seeing our boys rooting for him. It’s their favorite part, too and saying good morning at breakfast, their words.
One of our favorite and most laughable memories from this season is when our boys got their foul balls signed by our player after the game. They were thrilled, and we couldn’t help but chuckle since they could have asked him to sign it at our house.

NS: Have there been any challenges through the process?

Vasas’: Our experience has been smooth sailing, and we’ve had no challenges that we can think of.
If we had to pick something, it would probably be getting base passes after the Visitor Center has closed for the evening, and that’s only because that can be a little time-consuming. Especially when your cell phone is set to silent when they call to let you know the pass is ready. Oops!

NS: What advice would you give to other families that are interested in sponsoring?

Vasas’: I would say, if you have the space, go for it!!
We had to “sacrifice” our home office/workout space for the summer, and it’s been entirely worth it!
The idea of opening up your home to a stranger can be a little unnerving. The Host Family Coordinators do a great job of ensuring families are matched with players they think will fit well with their family dynamic. They also check in often to make sure everything is going well.

NS: Would you recommend sponsoring to others?

Vasas’: Without a doubt, yes!!
The experience has been the highlight of our summer & the host family benefits are beyond fantastic!

NS: Is there any other key information you would like to share about this experience?

Vasas’: If you have any questions about being a host family, the Hot Tots Home Office Team is fantastic about answering any questions you have about hosting.

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