‘Curb Alert’ Community Impacts MAFB Families

Written by: Erin Beene
A Curb Alert ‘customer’ shows off her FREE furniture item received from the Curb Alert Facebook Group (along with her very adorable puppy, Bingo).

At Minot AFB the Pay it Forward lifestyle is thriving. Not yet attuned to this giving for free concept? Have no idea what the common referred to phrase ‘Curb Alert’ really means? Read this heart-warming story to uncover how the spirit of giving is alive and well all year round on Minot AFB and how paying it forward blesses hundreds of military families’ lives each year.

According to https://www.northdakota-demographics.com, Minot AFB has about 5k people living on base, give or take, at any given time. Of those five thousand, currently 3.2k are followers of the immensely popular Facebook Page Minot AFB Curb-Alert Page. The page, which has simple and straightforward rules, is amongst the most popular on the Minot AFB, for good reason too. The entire page is dedicated to base residents giving out items for free and ceremoniously setting them on their outside curb for others to come by and pick up at no charge: thus Curb Alert.

The Facebook rules state: “This page is strictly for Free Curb Alert posts for items that need to be gone ASAP. Just post photos of your items, be descriptive on what you are getting rid of (optional) and post the address so items can be picked up as soon as possible. THERE IS NO SELLING FOR ANY REASON ON THE PAGE!” The page’s strict, “only free” policy is upheld by a group of four admins and moderators who help make this page a safe and simple place for all.

A relatively new mil spouse, Jennifer Fajardo-Dobbs, shared with the Northern Sentry about how the page touched her life and helped her out when she needed it the most. She said that when she heard about the page when she lived off base, but when she moved on base she was blown away by how helpful and giving people were. She mentioned how useful the page has been in helping her find needed items and how accepted she felt from everyone because of this page and the generosity of those families on base. Jennifer mentioned that she received a dryer, patio set and lots more all for free, thanks to Curb Alert.

Another spouse, Sophia Smith, said, “It [Curb Alert] has definitely been helpful to our family! When we moved, we were fresh out of high school, 19 & 18, with our 2 year old son, we had most necessities but still needed some things. We ended up finding a dining room table, and then chairs a few days later. We also found a TV stand for our bedroom, and a console table for some decor. We also just got a basically brand new swinging baby chair that I was super excited to find for our next son!”
Nancy Ann Hart said that once she found a like-new air purifier on Curb Alert that helped her husband with allergies. She said she later looked up the model and brand of the unit and it was priced at about $1,000!

There is no doubt that this community is giving, helpful and there for one another in this off-shoot lifestyle of paying it forward via the Facebook Group, Curb Alert. Jennifer Fajardo-Dobbs put it best when she said, “This community is one of the reasons to live on base. It is natural for people to give and share here, a very selfless giving attitude.” She continues to say that, “It makes people feel welcome and wanted and makes being far away from home worth it.”

Ultimately, the Minot AFB Curb Alert community and the Facebook group exist to help base residents purge pre-owned usable items easily while giving to someone who wants or needs it instead. It is a highly functioning and successful unofficial program on Minot AFB that shows the truly unique attitude of giving.

MAFB Curb Alert Facebook Group is among the most popular group for base residents.

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