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Autumn is in full swing with great programming at Minot Air Force Base and in the Minot community. As we adjust to shorter days and decreasing temperatures, the School Liaison Office is also excited to prepare for our winter bussing season.
Our winter bussing is provided by Yellowfin Bus Transportation and services students attending North Plains Elementary, Dakota Elementary, and Memorial Middle School. In this article, I would like to highlight a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your student to ride the bus. These items include submitting bus forms, arrival to bus stop, communication, and the bussing town hall.

Bus Forms: Please remember to fill out and submit bus forms to This is an important step for all students to be accounted for prior to the start of winter bussing. As a point of clarification, Annex and Youth Programs transportation will transition to Yellowfin. As a result, please be sure to submit the forms to either the Youth Center, Annex, or Yellowfin Bus Transportation.

Arrival at Bus Stop: Mrs. Hannah Powell serves as the Manager for Yellowfin Bus Transportation. With her experience and expertise, she encourages all students to be in place at the designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to pick up. This is necessary to ensure the safe and timely arrival of students to school and home. It is important are students are not missing a moment of precious instructional time with teachers and staff.

Change of Transportation: Communication is key as our students are being transported. Change is inevitable especially as we daily strive to fulfill a mission. If there is a change in transportation with awareness prior to a student’s arrival to school, please be sure to communicate this with your school child as a preliminary step. This provides the student with clear expectations and a sense of security.

After this, share this information with the classroom teacher via Parent Square. If there is an urgent or immediate concern, please reach out to Mrs. Hannah Powell at 701-500-4466 and/or the respective school.

Bussing Townhall: On Monday, October 17th, 2022, at 5:00 pm, the School Liaison Office will host a bussing town hall at the Jimmy Doolittle Center. This would be a great opportunity to connect with the School Liaison Office and Yellowfin Bus Transportation.

You can expect an introduction to the bus drivers, a detailed description of the bus routes, and details on potential delays due to construction. In addition, we will have the Resident Advocate and Youth Programs in attendance.
We look forward to a fantastic winter bussing season and seeing you soon!

If there are questions, please send me an email at or 701-240-2380.

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