Jr Journalism: Things to do in Winter

Written by: David Maginness, Age 11
David, age 11, building a fort and having a snowball fight with friends.

Reading this article, people who have been here last winter will think I am a crazed maniac when I say there are things to like about winter in North Dakota. I can assume everybody can agree that there are downsides, but don’t make it feel like it is a deathtrap. Believe it or not there are fun things to do in winter her too! If you have ever been skiing in Bottineau you know what I am saying. My friends and I love to build snow forts in the big piles of snow that the plows leave. Even though every single school bus can be covered in snow and there be a 2-hour delay doesn’t mean that there aren’t snow days! My dad and I love to put up a lot of Christmas lights up, (even though they usually don’t ever come down) we love to put a lot of effort in them and they end up looking so pretty!

The high school has a great sledding hill, it is steep and it is so fun to race my family, we go there every year! My friends and I love doing snow fights, the arena being our whole street! Some people haven’t even seen a flurry yet, much less anything! Can you believe that with living in Minot? If you have the right snow you can build a snowman as large as you want to, you have pretty much endless supplies if you get what I mean. If you’re not outside you can watch movies, learn to do something new, such as baking, like my sister did. My family and I love attending Minotauros hockey games, the energy and excitement of them is very fun! You are really able to have fun in the winter time in Minot North Dakota!

David and sister, Katie, standing in front of a hill of snow after the Easter Blizzard of 2022.

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