Jr. Journalism: Summer Adventures

Written by: Luke Anderson, 11 years old
Hidden Lake Overview at Glacier National Park, August 2022

This Summer, I went on many adventures with my family which included camping, hiking and RV trips. The first adventure was Cross Ranch State Park with my scout troop. We had our Shake Out Camp Out to start the season. It was cold but we still went on a nice 5 mile hike. The second adventure was Turtle River State Park. We rented an RV and went with family friends. We hiked a lot and it went by fast since we had friends to talk to. Our third adventure was Many Point in Minnesota. We went for a week with our scout troop. They had a dining hall to get meals and a trading post to get slushies! It was a ton of fun.

The fourth adventure was Lake Metigoshe. We didn’t know it, but we went during Halloween in July. Even though we didn’t have costumes, we got to trick or treat around the campsites. It was decorated and some sites were pretty creepy. We got a lot of candy and even bought lollipops to pass out.

Our fifth adventure was the best. We spent five days in Glacier National Park. We hiked over 30 miles. My favorite was to Grinnell Lake. The water was so cold because it is the melt off from a glacier. We skipped rocks and then walked out to a sand bar through the water. My feet felt like blocks of ice! We saw moose, big horn sheep and goats that week. It was amazing. Our sixth adventure was here in Minot at the Scout’s Big Four campground. I stayed in a tent with a friend and had a blast. Our final adventure was at Ft. Stevenson. We rented an RV again and enjoyed the lake because we rented a foam lily pad to play on in the water. I also bought my own stunt kite there and got to fly it all weekend. The sky was so clear at night, we enjoyed looking for constellations, satellites and shooting stars. This winter, we want to rent a yurt and try snowshoeing if it’s not too cold!

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