Fitness Feature: Yoga

Written by: Erin Beene
Yogi Mil Spouse Abby Turner practicing her mind body connection at Lake Murray, OK in September 2021.

Fitness and the military tend to run hand in hand. Military members are generally in shape and ready for physical activity. But what about their spouses? Abby Turner is one mil spouse who takes fitness of the mind, body and spirit into action in her movement of choice: yoga. Her dedication to this fitness activity that went from participant to teacher has pinned her the spot in this week’s fitness feature story.

Abby and her spouse just arrived at Minot AFB last month, but she has wasted no time getting her yoga business, Yoga Traveler, up and running. Abby’s journey with yoga began about 12 years ago right after she had her third child. She, as many postpartum mothers do, felt depressed and even lost. As a true believer in the power of physical fitness, she turned to a class at her local gym and found yoga because it was the only class available that would fit in her schedule. However, after a few classes, Abby was sold. She quit her other fitness regimen and began to engulf herself in the yoga lifestyle. A few years later, Abby began teaching yoga classes at local gyms. Flash forward to the pandemic; Abby found herself shut inside and teaching yoga classes online. Suddenly, she was able to reconnect with her students from previous assignments and friends from all over the world. An idea was born. Abby loved having the one-on-one connection with students that were possible through online classes that just weren’t possible with in-person class sessions. Plus, the moving-around military lifestyle practically begs for the transferability of an online career. So in June 2022, Abby started Yoga Traveler. “We offer one-to-one online yoga sessions, guided video programs, monthly memberships, online group classes, live privates and group classes for locals, and more.” More information about what she offers can be found on her website:

Fitness is a broad term that ultimately relies on a person’s own definition of well-being. Yoga is a type of fitness that not only stretches and moves the muscles for maximum movement, but also balances the mind. It is a type of fitness for the entire body. Abby mentioned that she loves yoga because it is physical exertion but can become a lifestyle as well. She loves all aspects of yoga, but especially loves sharing the physical benefits and pain relief that yoga offers to others. In her online classes she specializes in utilizing yoga poses and techniques to increase range of motion, increase flexibility and stop common pain associated with muscles. She says she loves to help pilots who suffer from being cramped in cockpits or Security Forces members who have to wear heavy gear all day that takes a toll on their back. Yoga can help. She specializes in ‘Pain Management Yoga’ courses through online or in-person avenues. Helping others find pain relief and mobility restoration through yoga is Abby’s passion in fitness and life.

Wild Thing yoga pose amongst the windmills in Enid Oklahoma, June 2022

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