New Ownership

New Vision

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ted Bolton and I recently purchased the Northern Sentry. My wife and I came to Minot with the Air Force in 1977; this has been our home for over 40 years. After the service I worked as a sales rep for a regional farm newspaper for 37 years; we raised three children here, and lost our house in the 2011 flood. If you don’t know me you probably now one of my adult children, Sarah, Beka or Eddie, though Minot folks are most familiar with my wife Margie, she owns Margie’s Art Glass Studio on Main Street. Margie has advertised in the Northern Sentry since she opened the business 15 years ago and has always had a steady stream of great customers from the Minot Air Force base. I was so impressed with the results, I bought the company! Aside from being America’s best & brightest, defending our great country, the folks at MAFB also represent a fantastic customer base for any business! With an income not tied to commodity prices, there is never a “recession” at the base! Add to that new young families rotating in and out all year, and you have a pool of potential customers that should not be over looked!

For decades the Northern Sentry has been the authorized newspaper for the MAFB, working closely with base leaders to produce a newspaper that educates, informs and inspires the troops. The MAFB is a unique community and the Northern Sentry has been an important part of that community in the past, and I’m committed to making the Northern Sentry even better going forward, while not losing sight of where we come from. For example, I’m proud to say that the paper is still hand delivered weekly to every housing unit by girls and boys whose parents are serving in the military. For nearly all of these kids this is their first job, and I’m happy to provide that opportunity.

Join with us, to not only support the men & women who serve us so well, but to invite them into your business. You’ll be glad you did.

your Key to MAFB

As the authorized Community newspaper for the Minot Air Force Base, the Northern Sentry provides advertiser’s direct access to MAFB personnel once a week, 52 times a year

1500 Base Housing Units

Most work sites & offices

High Traffic Base Locations