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RULES: Please tell us all about you and your story! Younger journalists may need a parent’s help to fil in all the blanks Specifications for Submissions: Please write a story about an event, experience or person. You will need to get facts about the event as well as interview at least 1 or 2 people that were there or that know about it. If you are doing a story about a person, please interview the person and ask them questions about something interesting about them. The story can be about anything you think the people of Minot AFB and Minot would be interested in. It could be about a cool game that you and the neighborhood kids play or it could be about a teacher that you admire and wanted to write about. This is your story to tell. *Minot AFB Dependents Ages 7-17 are eligible *Stories should be around 300 words *Should include 1-2 photos Every complete* submission will be considered for publication into the Northern Sentry. If published, applicants will be notified ahead of time. Maximum of 3 submissions per calendar year per child.

Save Your Speed for When You’re Near the Finish Line

Save Your Speed for When You’re Near the Finish Line

All of my ribbons. Running is my favorite sport and I like when my legs are moving fast. I ran at the Minot Park District Olympics in June and July. This summer I ran at the Duane Carlson Stadium at Minot High School. I ran on Wednesdays in the afternoon.I always feel...

Recommended: Amtrak

Recommended: Amtrak

Would you like to travel on a train? I rode the Amtrak train from Minot to Chicago for Thanksgiving last year with my family. The train was magical. It swayed back and forth and rode the rails extremely fast. We went from Minot Station to Union Station in Chicago....

A New Design:Thursdays inDowntown Minot

A New Design:
Thursdays in
Downtown Minot

I was rushing to eat my vegan cheese bagel in the car. I didn’t want to waste this delicious snack! As I hurried to eat, my mom came closer to pick me up. Once I finished with my bagel, I walked up to my mom excited to enjoy downtown Minot. We came up to Margie’s Art...

SKYWARN:Weather Warnings

Weather Warnings

At one o’clock on June 2, 2022 the NOAA ( National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) came to the Minot AFB base theater. SKYWARN was there. SKYWARN taught base personnel to be watchful when mother nature gets angry....