We All Scream for Ice Cream

Jun 27, 2024
Written by: Hope Anderson

There is one treat that everyone thinks of when it comes to a hot summer day and that is ice cream. This refreshing treat has been a staple in the American diet since the 1800s when insulated ice houses made it possible to make and store the sweet, creamy goodness more easily. Since that time, ice cream has become a staple in American households and for good reason, it is delicious!

As you are out and about in downtown Minot this summer, you may find yourself in need of a sweet treat and there are two must stop ice cream shops right on Main Street. They both serve tasty ice cream treats, but are both unique in their own special ways. I highly suggest you make it a plan to check out both. I mean, if someone is giving you permission to treat yourself, you have to do it!

Located in The Putt District at 17 Main St S, Jar + Cone is an eco-friendly and sustainable ice cream shop offering either an edible vessel for your ice cream, a cone, or a reusable container for your ice cream, a mason jar. They offer a variety of flavors of ice creams and toppings, plus options for larger containers to take home with you. One cool (pun intended) feature is their Jar Club.

This club allows you the chance to receive discounts on your ice cream after your first purchase. It is so simple. You go into Jar + Cone, make your first purchase of a jar of ice cream, paying for the pint or quart jar. Take the jar home, wash it, and bring it back the next time you want ice cream. When you bring in your jar for your next purchase, you receive a 50% discount. As an added bonus, club members hear first about new flavors and special promotions.

Magic City Sweets, at 123 Main St S, is an ice cream social and milkshake bar. When you walk in, you will be welcomed with brightly colored decor and a festive seating area to hang out and spend time. They have a variety of flavor combinations to choose from including featured specials and you can also create your own. Want your ice cream in a cone? You got it! How about in a doughnut? Sure! They even offer fruity pebble treats bowls. Oh my! Talk about a sugar rush!

Bring the whole family and they will certainly find a flavor and variety that will make their scream for ice cream. If you love classic vanilla ice cream, they are currently featuring Pride Dairy’s Thomas Jefferson Vanilla Ice Cream. What makes it so special? It utilizes a recipe for 1780, which was quite literally penned by our 3rd President of the United States. It’s a history lesson while eating ice cream all at the same time.

Celebrate the warm weather with stops at both Jar + Cone and Magic City Sweets. Take a stroll downtown, enjoy a sugar rush, and then take the kids to the park to burn off that energy. It is a perfect way to fill a summer day with memories. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather because we all know, the days are limited before the cool weather makes its way back.

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