MOMC Highlight: Wesley Hoadley

Apr 25, 2024
Written by: Erin Beene
Wesley and his dad go flying together once a month. It is a perfect way for them to spend some quality time doing something they both love.

Despite the hierarchical rank structure of the Air Force, all military kids live similar “Military Kid” lifestyles. They move. They lose friends. They experience new things. They say temporary goodbyes to a parent. While every military kid has a unique story to tell, they also have the solidarity of shared experiences that bring them closer together. A military kid for 14 years (his whole life), Wesley Hoadley, shared his ups and downs as well as his dreams for the future.

Wesley, age 3, at the Tuskegee Air Museum when the Hoadley family was stationed in Alabama.

An 8th grader at Memorial Middle School, Wesley loves to run. Specifically, he likes running long distances for both the track and cross country teams. He said his favorite distance is the one mile run, and he is excited for the challenge of running in high school next year. Like many middle schoolers, Wesley said he also likes to play video games. Since he is also into aviation and spends time each month flying with his dad (Col Dan Hoadley), Wesley noted that flying video games are his favorite.

After his 14-year stint as a mil kid comes to a close this summer, when his dad retires and the family moves on to Minneapolis, Wesley recounted his military kid life. He said he had lived in six different places that he could remember. His favorites were Kansas City, because of all the good BBQ restaurants and the memorable children’s museum; and Virginia, because of the many interesting historic museums nearby.

Before the Hoadley family moved to Minot in 2022, Wesley’s parents and his younger sister, Lucy, lived in Rapid City, South Dakota. It was there at Ellsworth AFB that Wesley said they had an amazing view of the mountains and he loved that he was super close to rock climbing and hiking trails. It was evident from our conversation that Wesley was able to pinpoint some really cool opportunities about each of the places he has lived.

There are some questions mil kids get asked that can be sometimes difficult to answer. One of those questions is: Where are you from? When fronted with this question though, Wesley answered, “Kansas City, because I was born there and I like it there.” Another question that sometime will offer a blank stare answer from mil kids is: What does your military parent actually do? Without hesitation, Wesley simply stated, “He flies jets.”

Although this is the only lifestyle he has known, Wesley is excited to begin his new life under civ kid status. He thinks some things will be the same, but he also recognized that some things will definitely be different too. His favorite part of being a mil kid is being able to see new places, but also dreaded having to say goodbye to so many friends all the time. As life moves him forward, Wesley thinks about the future. When asked if he would consider joining the Air Force one day because of his experience and his love of flying, Wesley explained that he’s going to have to see what life brings him, but also said, “Maybe. It’s definitely an option.”

Thanks for serving our nation by supporting the Air Force as a military kid, Wesley! Best wishes in the future, we can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

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