Simplifying Spring Symbols

Written by: Amy Allendar

“Mom, why are there so many bunny things at Easter? Why do we hide eggs? What do eggs have to do with Easter anyway?”

These springtime questions seem to be an annual tradition in my household. And this year is no different. The first time the question arose, I delved into some research. Over the years, explaining the answer has become more straightforward. Sure, we could skirt the issue, or get lost in the weeds of pagan practices, fertility goddesses, and Christian symbology. But in my experience, its more effective to simplify. The answer is simple: spring and Easter point to hope and life.

As someone who works against a natural bent toward pessimism, Easter and spring are always a welcome reminder of positivity and hope.
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Several days ago, my sons—now six and three years old—revisited the topic of rabbits, eggs, chicks, and Easter. “Think about it,” I replied. “Why do you think eggs and bunnies are symbols of Easter?”

“I don’t know,” my oldest said. “Because that stuff comes out in the spring? But isn’t it going to snow again? It doesn’t look like spring.”

“Yes, they are symbols of spring. Easter and spring are kind of knotted together. Symbols of spring often mirror those of Easter,” I explained.

Easter holds spiritual significance for my family. However, spring is a is a special time for all of us. It is a vital part of life’s rhythm, brimming with hope. Spring signals renewal and new growth, even after a season of stillness and snow. These transitional weeks are exhilarating, reassuring us that change is imminent. Spring and Easter reaffirm that warmth will return, life will regenerate, and growth persists—even when we can’t see it.

When explaining Easter to my children, I emphasize that all symbols of Easter and spring signify new life. “Did you know rabbits have a superpower?” I asked my boys. They laughed, and my three-year-old guessed that it was hopping. I elaborated, explaining that a bunny’s superpower is its ability to have babies. Lots and lots of babies. Rabbits remain fairly concealed throughout winter, almost forgotten. Then, spring arrives, and suddenly, bunnies abound— an abundance of life, almost as if by magic

Spring serves as a reminder that life flourishes and multiplies after periods of scarcity.

We then discussed eggs. From the outside, an egg seems mundane. It lays hidden, wears muted colors, and remains motionless. To the untrained eye, an egg appears dull and lifeless, resembling little more than a rock. However, inside, life is burgeoning, awaiting the perfect moment to emerge.

Inside the egg, a life form develops in darkness, instinctively moving towards transformation. For a chick, hatching propels them from a secure, dim world into a vivid, vibrant realm of life and possibility.

Spring reminds us that life happens even in dark, unremarkable places. It underscores that growth isn’t always flashy. Spring invites us to step into the light, embrace a colorful existence, leaving behind our empty shells.

Why do we hide eggs? Because signs of new life and growth are worth seeking. Why are there treats inside? Because surviving winter to welcome back spring and summer merits celebration.

“You also said it doesn’t look like spring. You’re right,” I said. Look outside. What do you notice about the trees and grass?”
“They’re dead.”
“The leaves are gone, and the grass isn’t green. But they aren’t dead. Death is final, irreversible. Do you think our trees will have leaves next month?” They both agreed they would. Not only do leaves return, but perennials come back heartier.

Bushes grow taller, and grass requires regular trimming.
Winter ushers life into a dormant state. But dormant isn’t dead.

Spring reminds us that dormancy is temporary. Life can rebound more vigorously, even after months of bitter cold stillness.
May this Easter weekend fill you with hope, and may spring inspire positivity. May the resilience of nature instill awe at life’s capacity to rejuvenate, refresh, and flourish anew.

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