North Plains March Star Students

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Miss Jochim’s Kindergarten Class
Adam T.
Azalea B.
Isabella A.
Tayden C.

Mrs. Hoadley’s Kindergarten Class
Isabella S.
Jensen G.

Mrs. Little’s 1st Grade Class
Emily H.
Kameron J.
Lil C.
Tank D.

Mrs. White’s 1st Grade Class
Evelyn B.
Serenity M.
Greyson S.
Wesley S.

Mrs. Braaten’s 2nd Grade Class
Camilla R.
Harvey M.
Mason S.
Romina HG
Hunter S.

Mrs. Filkins’s 2nd Grade Class
Delaney K.
Aiden C.
Janessa L.
Marjorie AM
Mia H.

Mrs. Burn’s 3rd Grade Class
Amelia M.
Aris C.
Jett K.
Laila Sanon

Mrs. Peterson’s 3rd Grade Class
Bryndi H.
Evette C.
Scarlet M.

Mrs. Lakoduk’s and Leeson’s 4th Grade Class
Aubrey B.
Marcus R.
Scarlett B.
Wyatt H.
Everly K.
Callen M.
Mia M.
Nicolas W.
Piercen P.

Miss Potts’ 5th Grade Class
Jada C.
Charlotte L.
Jaxon J.
Theo H.

The Spirit Award went to – Kindergarten, Miss Jochim and Mrs Hoadley’s Class
Recess – Mrs. Peterson’s 3rd Grade Class
PE – Mrs. Braaten’s 2nd Grade Class
Music – Mrs Lakoduk’s 4th Grade Class

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