Annual Tenant Survey

Written by: SAMANTHA MENDOZA, GS-12, USAF Privatized Housing Resident Advocate 5th Bomb Wing

Team Minot Base Housing Residents,

The FY24 DoD Annual Tenant Survey is here!

The survey started on March 4th and runs through April 18th. Use the QR code in the attachment to opt in to receive your survey via Text, otherwise you will receive it at the email on file with the leasing office.

This survey is very important as it gives Minot AFB Leadership, Resident Advocate, Minot AFB Homes, and the Military Housing Office (MHO) insight into how our residents feel about the quality of our homes, community, amenities, landscaping etc. We read every comment and every survey!

CEL and Associates expanded the options available to complete the survey. While residents will now have three options available to obtain the survey, CEL will only accept one survey per household. Please review the options below for more details.

  1. Email: CEL will continue to send out surveys to each household with a valid email address on file.
  2. Text Message: Residents that opt-in can receive their survey via text message. As part of the data-verification process, residents must provide a phone number that matches the one given to CEL.
  3. “Find My Survey” web page with QR Code access: CEL will provide a flyer containing a QR Code that will take Residents to a web page where they can enter information and receive their unique survey link.
    Confidentiality – Survey results are confidential and only CEL and Associates have access to individual survey responses. The results will be provided to the DAF without information that would tie responses or comments to a particular house or resident.
    Thanks in advance for providing us the ammo to improve our community.

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