Meg-A-Latte’ Is Customer Driven

Written by: Rodney Wilson

Not everyone can weave their name, and their personality, into a business venture like a coffee shop, but for Meg-A-Latte owner Megan Wold it was fairly easy. “People call me Meg” explains Wold “and I started out in interior design in Fargo, eventually branching into fashion design.”

Meg-A-Latte owner Megan Wold.

But like any college kid, Meg(an) would need a job to help pay her way through college “and so I managed a coffee shop in Fargo before I went to work for Vanity.” Her Vanity job was the continuation of her degree in fashion design. At the time Vanity had around 200 stores.
Originally from Williston, Megan made the decision to return to her hometown and was employed by Haliburton. After the birth of her first child Megan and her husband knew that raising a family would be next in their lives, and the Haliburton job would not be conducive to family life.

That would bring us to February of 2012 when Megan would lean back into another one of her college experiences, managing a coffee shop. They would eventually open the first of 3 Meg-A-Latte’ coffee shops in Williston. It was perfect timing as Williston was in the middle of the oil boom, and coffee always seemed to be something people wanted.

Maybe the word “full service” is not exactly accurate for a coffee shop, but once you enter a Meg-A-Latte’ coffee shop the atmosphere, complete with nice little spaces, will surround you. Megan has taken her interior design talents and designed the perfect coffee shop “complete with hot and cold drinks, a full-on café with breakfasts & lunch and over 80 different syrups and flavors to give people exactly what they want” according to Megan. Watford City would be the 4th location for Meg-A-Latte.

The next target for a Meg-A-Latte location would be Minot. “The Reason why Minot has been a destination for Meg-A-Latte is because we have had our Meg-A-Latte Coffee Trailer at the North Dakota state fair for 7 years” adds Megan. “That is where we started our connection to the Minot community. Customers at the fair would ask when Meg-A-Latte would be opening a shop in Minot…We’ve always liked Minot” Meg continues. She would open her location across from the Minot International Airport next to the Qdoba location on North Hill in a space that used to house Tim Hortons.

Besides the airport the location would be perfect to catch the Minot Air Force Base crowd on their way to, and from, work. “We’ll always have a 10% military discount for active duty and retired military customers, to show them we are thankful for their service to our country.”

For those who enter Meg-A-Latte, the sky is pretty much the limit. On the day I stopped, Celeste was the Barista, and the drink she prepared to me was absolutely perfect. It was hot, sugar free and had just enough sweet to it to make superb. Celeste and Meg both talk about the connection they make with their customers. “I have always been a people person” says Celeste “and this job fed right into that passion.”

Meg has grown her coffee business by adding corporate coffee clubs for those businesses that would like coffee delivered to their location and of course she has developed an app so that potential customers can order online from their phone and “not waste a lot of time.”

Meg is a North Dakota native and is happily married to Eddie. Together they have four kids and love spending time outdoors and doing family activities. Eddie adds a huge artistic value to the coffee shops in multiple ways, from the initial layout design to the artwork displayed. Collectively, they make a great team.

Ahead Meg can possibly see another Minot location, but when and where is still to be determined.
When, and if, it opens “it will have the same atmosphere and our customers will always be our number one priority.”

A full menu and online ordering available at

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