Northwest North Dakota Gains Two CAP Commanders

Written by: Cvil Air Patrol - U.S. Air Force Auxiliary
Acting Squadron Commander, 1st Lt. Joe Aho, passes the Magic City Composite Squadron guidon to Maj. Jeffrey Slocum, assuming command. U.S. Air Force Photo I Airman Trust Tate

The Magic City Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, held a Change of Command Ceremony at Avflight, Minot International Airport, on Thursday, November 16. The event commemorated 1st Lt. Joe Aho transitioning from Acting Squadron Commander in Minot to fulfilling a new commander role to establish a Civil Air Patrol squadron in Williston.

Previous Minot commander, 1st Lt. Jon McLemore was unavailable for the ceremony due to commitments at work. The Magic City Composite Squadron will continue to serve the communities of North Dakota with the direction of their new commander, Maj. Jeffrey Slocum.

Magic City Composite Squadron Pilot, Capt. Jeremy Skalicky, visits with Capt. West and Maj. Slocum. U.S. Air Force Photo Airman Trust Tate

Missions provided by the Civil Air Patrol are Emergency Services, including 95% of US inland search and rescue; Aerospace Education for adults, cadets, and free STEM support for educators of all types; and Cadet Programs to positively shape future generations. Magic City’s Civil Air Patrol employs a Cessna 172 for air missions plus ground team support – Williston will be equipped similarly as the squadron develops and equipment becomes available.

The Magic City’s Civil Air Patrol squadron continued to develop their Emergency Services skills as the squadron flew their monthly proficiency missions on Saturday. Cadets received radio communication training from 1st Lt. Aho with Capt. Ben Conlin instructing General Emergency Services. Each cadet was able to communicate from the ground station to airborne co-pilot Wesley Woodside by the end of the training session.

Williston’s new commander, Stanley resident 1st Lt. Aho, previously served in the prior Williston Civil Air Patrol squadron as well as the ND Army National Guard and joined the Magic City Composite Squadron in 2019. Minot’s new commander, Maj. Jeffrey Slocum, served in the US Air Force for 21 years – with most of his service at Minot AFB starting in 2002.

Both Minot and Williston squadrons hold their meetings on Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:30, starting after the Thanksgiving break. Call 1st Lt. Aho at 701-240-0200 to find more information on the Williston Squadron. Visit the Magic City Composite Squadron on Tuesday evenings, 6:30 at Avflight or call Maj. Slocum at 701-578-1755 for more information.

Cadet/Master Sgt. Jones ensures Cadet/Senior Airman Trowbridge is looking sharp for the ceremony. U.S. Air Force Photo Airman Trust Tate

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