Choosing Homeschooling

Written by: Brianna Low, Northern Sentry
This Homeschool and Boy-mom, Jennifer Robson, celebrates another "First Day of School" with her two sons Collin and Noah.

As parents, the education of our kids is a big decision to be made. One option is to homeschool your children and put the education in your hands. For us, this was a decision we made this year and it led me to research and find those who could support me through the journey. For those who have interest, there is a Facebook group called Minot AFB Homeschoolers. They organize group recesses, field trips, and offer general support and knowledge. That is how I met Jennifer Robson, a homeschooling mom of two.

Northern Sentry: How long have you been homeschooling?
Jennifer Robson:
I have been homeschooling for over 9 years.

NS: What led you to choose to homeschool?
JR: We didn’t start homeschooling. Both my boys originally started out in the public school system. It was a great school and we absolutely loved the teachers. In fact I am still friends with some of them. When we moved to Del Rio, Texas things did not go so well. The transition was not the greatest for my oldest. After prayer we decided homeschooling was the best decision for our family. We haven’t looked back since

NS: What would be a first step for someone interested in this?
The first step for someone starting would be to look up the state law and work from there on what the next step would be. I know the Homeschool Legal Defense Association- HSLDA- is a great source of information for starting. When we first started I had no idea what was out there. It can be overwhelming at first because there is just so much curriculum and styles.
I have gone through a lot of styles before I was able to find the right fit for my boys. Right now we are part of the Classical Conversations Community here in town and we absolutely love it. So far it is the best fit for the season we are in.

NS: What has been your favorite part?
How can I pick my favorite part? There are so many. I love that I have regained my education, learning right beside my boys has been such an amazing experience. I love that I can control what my boys are learning and I get to watch them grow into such amazing young men.

NS: What challenges have you faced?
JR: Homeschooling brings many challenges even if it is worth it. I think the biggest one has been my own expectations. I think a year is going to go one way and life happens and I need to be ok with the good and bad. It is ok if we have a bad day. We have the option to just walk away and have fun.

NS: What resources would you recommend for other homeschooling parents?
The main resource I can think of is HSLDA. I really wish I could help with that. I would say my biggest resource was the Mom’s around me. I could not have gone as far as I have without my gang of Moms.

The decision to homeschool is a large and overwhelming idea. Talking with moms like Jennifer has really helped me find peace and comfort in my decision. I hope those that are considering the option or have chosen to begin this journey can also find the same!

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