Skin Win Dermatology Adds Provider-David Patterson Has Military Background

Written by: Rodney Wilson

Skin Win is an independently owned dermatology practice located in the CHI Plaza at 2111 NW Landmark Circle. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a comfortable environment.

Skin Win was founded by Dr. Daniel Hoffman, and according to Kathleen Adams Chief Operating Officer “we exist to work with patients on an individual basis, and provide quality, continuous dermatology care.”

Skin Win providers offer medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology to patients of all ages “and we try to work with patient’s schedules and our providers to schedule an appointment as soon possible; in most cases it’s the same week or even the next day” says Adams.

“It’s the patient-focused care that makes us unique” continues Adams “our providers will often rotate from office to office (Skin Win has locations in Minot, Bismarck and Williston) so we can establish patient-provider relationships”

David Patterson, PA-C
Because, in part, of the military population in Minot, Skin Win has hired David Patterson as a provider.
David Patterson, PA-C brings 25 years of Dermatology experience to Skin Win. He began his medical career in the military attending Corpsman School at the Naval School of Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. He graduated with distinction while also serving as a Platoon Leader.

He continued his training at the Naval School of Health Sciences, in the Neuro-Psychiatric Technician program, again graduating with honors while serving as Leading Petty Officer. Prior to leaving the military, David served at the Naval Hospital San Diego and National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD, earning a National Defense Service Medal and Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Upon leaving the military, David attended Southern Illinois University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Science: Health Care Management, followed by receiving his Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Duquesne University in 1998, graduating with honors. Since then, David has dedicated his career to specializing in Dermatology.

“We are excited to bring David to Skin Win, and western North Dakota” according to Adams “we know that the Minot Air Force Base is important to the city of Minot and providing dermatology care for them important to us.”
Adams also is quick to point out that a simple phone call to any of the Skin Win locations will provide potential patients with information about the services that Skin Win provides, and availability of appointments available.

Skin Win Dermatology appreciates the sacrifice military members, and their families make for preserving our freedoms. The Care Team at Skin Win Dermatology is honored to have you as part of our community.

Adams also provided insight into the insurance situation for military members who have Tri-Care. “It’s been frustrating to Skin Win that Tri-Care has closed its panel to dermatologists. The thing is, ALL Tricare members can see anyone they want, including Skin Win. The panel being closed doesn’t mean they can’t come to Skin Win. Sometimes when they don’t see Skin Win in their insurance paperwork, they think they can’t see us, but they can. We see Tricare patients all the time and have no problem with the claims. I’m not sure if we should mention it or not. I don’t want to be more confusing. Skin Win works with the Tri-Care benefits and patients, or potential patients, can contact the office for any questions about their insurance” says Adams.

Skin Win recognizes the difficulty relocating can cause when it comes to maintaining medical care. The Skin Win dedicated Military Care Team staff is specially trained in assisting military families in obtaining previous medical records, navigating insurances and scheduling appointments for active duty military and their families.

For more information about Skin Win go to their web site at, or call (701) 666-6930.

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