Is The Glass Half Full, Or Half Empty

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Nope, not talking about the difference between an optimist and a pessimist. Instead, let’s look at summer, 2023. We just passed July 4th, and I have heard many times that the summer is half over, it all goes downhill from here.
So, let’s just talk a bit, optimistically, about all the good things that are left to happen this summer. Having lived in North Dakota all of my life, and in Minot for 45 years, there is still a lot of summer left, and still a lot to do.

First, let’s jump in the car and enjoy North Dakota at its finest. For the next 2 weeks you will run into beautiful fields of flowering canola, many right next to the beautiful blue flowering flax fields. Even though rainfall has been sporadic in some areas, I will expect that the canola and flax fields will give way first to the small grain fields with their green heads that seem to roll with the wind. And then, of course will be the “amber waves of grain” and last to bloom will be the magnificent sunflowers with the yellow and brown heads. So, let’s chalk it up to “the glass is certainly half full in the fields of North Dakota” for a least the next couple of months.

Next, just around the corner is North Dakota State Fair. Concerts, food vendors, exhibits, just to name a few of what makes the fair so great. Once you’ve paid admission you are treated to the many free stages with their varied acts. My favorite has always been the animal acts like the famous racing pigs or the jumping dogs. And then there are the many grandstand concerts, motor events and rodeos. Yep, another “glass half full” for summer 2023. PS- Be sure not to miss the North Dakota State Fair Parade on July 22nd.

A little less well known about, but still a day of fun, is the annual beach party held at Ft. Stevenson State Park south of Garrison, or about 37 miles south of Minot on beautiful Lake Sakakawea. The evening starts with a performance by the Lake Metigoshe water ski team, the Skinautiques at 5 PM. Next is the live music from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM by Classic Rhythm, and the evening ends with a Lighted Boat Parade starting around 9:30 PM. All the events are free with your vehicle entrance permit to the ND State Parks.

And then we get into the prime recreational weeks of the summer. The days may not be quite as long, but there are many parks and recreation area to enjoy in August. The water temperatures make swimming a lot of fun. Pack a picnic basket, enjoy lunch, enjoy the summer weather and enjoy the water.

Another one of those maybe “best kept secrets” are the many golf courses with a short driving distance of Minot in some of the smaller towns. Each and every course has a signature all to its’ own and they are less crowded than courses located in the larger cities. Some of them are nine hole courses, but play nine, take a short break and play another nine. No 2 rounds of golf are the same, right?

Have I got you reaching for your calendar yet? I sure hope so. I want you to enjoy each and every day of Summer 2023. Working a weekend? Catch the Roosevelt Park Zoo for a late afternoon visit, and if you are in town on a Thursday evening, Downtown Minot is alive with the Arts Downtown performances.

Summer is half over? Not hardly…I challenge you to fit more into July and August than you did in May and June. (Some will argue that May is truly not summer) The glass actually more than half full for Summer 2023.

Best Kept Secrets
It may not quite fit this category, but the Downtown Business and Professional Association is proud to announce that our Fall Festival and Welcome To Minot event will take place on September 9th from 10 AM to 5 PM. Be sure and mark the date and time on your calendar. More information coming your way in the Northern Sentry.
Farmer’s Markets open tomorrow in Oak Park and on Broadway in Minot. A little advice, get there early. The Minot Farmers Market in Oak Park opens at 9 AM sharp, and the North Prairie Farmers Market opens at 11 AM.

Today’s Chuckle
Parents lower their expectations for their children to a more realistic level about the time they start dating and you see exactly who they think is wonderful.

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