Written by: Joy-Nicole smith School Liaison Program Manager, GS-11 Department of the Air Force School Liaison Program

Moving with school-aged children can be stressful, but planning ahead can allow for a smoother transition. If you child is enrolled in EFMP, extra steps should be taken. Consider the following tips as you plan your move with a school-aged child enrolled in EFMP:

1-Update the Individual Education Program (IEP) with your IEP team at the school where child attends or the 504 with designated school staff. Although the 504 is not transferrable, it is important to have possible accommodations and modifications listed so you may share ideas that have worked in the past.

2- Request and obtain copy of educational records from your current school or district office, prior to your move.
3- Contact the Minot AFB School Liaison for transition support (mafb.school.liaison@us.af.mil).

4- Research possible gaining schools so you are aware of the options available for your family. Connect with your gaining installation’s School Liaison for assistance https://installations.militaryonesource.mil/.

5- Visit Military One Source Plan My Move: https://planmymove.militaryonesource.mil/

6- Contact the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) to ensure enrollment within the program is current.

7- Contact Pathfinder Services of North Dakota (701-857-7500) and ask them to connect you with the Parent Center in the state to which you are moving.

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