A View From Our Side: The Arts Have Always Been Important

Written by: Rod Wilson

On a recent bus tour given to Minot AFB residents, I was kind of filling time when I started to mention all of the organizations in Minot and the surrounding area that were consistently doing shows and concerts. There certainly was a lot of interest in these organizations, but in a short time I realized I had certainly “bit off more than I could chew” in trying to make sure that I mentioned all of the organizations, and that led to the realization that Minot has always supported a very vibrant arts community.

In no particular order, I am going to highlight a few of the upcoming performances that art lovers of all kinds can enjoy.

I will start with the Minot Symphony Orchestra. They actually have two upcoming performances that you may want to put on your calendar, October 29 and December 10. Their annual Holiday Magic Christmas concert has always been a favorite of mine. Tickets for both concerts are available on the MSO website or Facebook page.

Next is the Minot Chamber Chorale, and they hold a Renaissance Feast Christmas Celebration. They transform the Regency Event center in a festive manner. “Our Lord Eric and Lady Pamela provide you with dinner, wine, and a song featuring music for choir and brass.” Again, tickets are available online by visiting the Minot Chamber Chorale Facebook page.

I was recently able to attend “The Church Basement Ladies” presented by the Mouse River Players. It was excellent! Their next presentation is Little Women, which starts on November 18 and runs two consecutive weekends. Performances are in downtown Minot at the Arlene Saugstad Theater. Again, tickets and more information are available on their website or Facebook page.

Both the men’s chorus, The Heritage Singers, and the women’s chorus, The Voices of Note, have upcoming Christmas events. The Heritage Singers will perform their Lessons and Carols with Christmas music and Christmas readings at 4:00 p.m .on December 18 at First Lutheran Church. Voices of Note will normally perform a Christmas concert during the holiday season. Keep an eye out for more information.

The Brass Band of Minot, North Dakota’s only British-style brass band, will open the holiday season with their November 20 concert at 4:00 p.m. in Anne Nicole Nelson Hall. The concert is free of charge and will feature your favorite Christmas music performed by over 40 brass players.

The International Artist Series will feature pianist Pauline Yang on Friday, November 18. The concerts are at Anne Nicole Nelson Hall on the campus of Minot State University. Tickets are available online at minotconcerts.org.

Looking for other events? Minot State University choirs and bands will have a variety of holiday concerts, and their schedules are available on the Minot State University website. Many local churches will have special holiday events, including The Journey Church in southeast Minot. They will host a Christmas Stories concert on December 16. More information is available on their website, www.journeychurchnd.churchcenter.com

This Week’s Best Kept Secret
The small town of Garrison, North Dakota, hosts the annual Dickens Village Festival each year. Garrison’s Dickens Village Festival will delight and entertain families from across North Dakota, eastern Montana, and southern Canada. The event turns the community of 1,500 into a quaint Victorian town from the era of Charles Dickens. The Dickens Village Festival runs Thanksgiving Weekend (Friday and Saturday) and the next two Fridays and Saturdays. A must see…check out the details at www.dickensfestival.com.

This Week’s Chuckle
None of us are as good as people claim to our face nor as bad as people say behind our back.

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