The Northern Sentry
Welcomes Col’s Hoadley and McGhee

Written by: Rod Wilson

Not every Air Force base has a community newspaper like the Northern Sentry. Yes, our paper is certainly unique in that we generate stories about Minot Air Force Base and are vigilant in providing base organizations a communications resource for Minot AFB events.

The Northern Sentry is also a resource for human interest stories about those active duty and dependents assigned to Minot. Working with, and through, 5th BW Public Affairs, we also do interviews with not only Minot AFB leadership, but other guests who may visit the base as VIPs.
The past three weeks have once again been special as both the 5th Bomb Wing and the 91st Missile Wing have changed commanders. We, The Northern Sentry, were honored to be in the audience as Col. Daniel Hoadley and Col. Kenneth McGhee received the guidon that denotes their leadership of their respective wings. Each incoming Commander is given the opportunity to say a few words to the assembled audience, and of course Col. Walters and Col. Menuey were given an opportunity to render thanks and gratitude.

Because of the dual nuclear mission, Minot Air Force Base is a very strategic base. As such, there are unique challenges on Minot Air Force Base and that is where the Minot community and the Northern Sentry step in to help.

The one and only focus of The Northern Sentry is cover the missions of Minot Air Force Base. When asked to cover events on base, we are front and center. Our partnership with Public Affairs is also unique, and we publish photos and news stories both about Minot AFB, and also about the many Minot AFB personnel who make a difference in our community by volunteering and getting involved. Recognition is important, and we try hard to make sure that we share the “good” news that happens every day on, and around, Minot AFB.

What we have learned over the years is that each leadership change will bring new ideas. Our newspaper is ready to “march to a different beat,” if you will, and be ready to cover the missions now defined by Col. Hoadley and Col. McGhee. We welcome both of you, and your families, to Minot. The last change of command took place in the midst of COVID restrictions. We hope those days are behind us, as it will allow for a more normal relationship between the base and the community. A relationship that will foster many new friendships, as we move forward with great expectations for the next two years…and beyond.

Rod’s Best Kept Secret This Week?
Downtown Thursday Nights
Be sure and mark your calendars as every Thursday night there is music, food, and vendors on Minot’s Downtown Main Street. No cost for admission. Events normally start at 6:00 PM, wrapping up around 9:30 PM. Soon there will be Farmer’s Market vendors downtown with fresh produce and other unique locally produced products.

Today’s Chuckle: You Don’t Stop Laughing When You Grow Old…You Grow Old When You Stop Laughing…

Have a great week.

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