October: Domestic Violence Prevention

Written by: Violence Prevention Team

The 2019 Domestic Violence Prevention Month campaign is designed to help service members, military spouses and intimate partners build safer relationships and prevent domestic abuse by increasing knowledge of what patterns of behavior are unhealthy, and where to get support.
The focus for this year’s campaign is raising awareness about technology-facilitated abuse. Technology-facilitated abuse is the use of technologies such as texting and posting on social media to bully, harass, stalk or intimidate a partner. It also includes monitoring and stalking behaviors whereby one partner “keeps tabs” on the other’s location, activities, and communications with friends and family outside the relationship through apps and malware.
The role of technology and its misuse in domestic violence cases is well-documented. In a national survey, 79% of civilian domestic violence agencies reported providing technology-specific advocacy and services for victims in 2018.
Awareness: Relationships can go viral. Constant messaging, monitoring, and sharing without consent—misusing technology to control or punish your partner is abuse—and it’s not okay. Learn more about setting healthy boundaries.
Mobilize help for abuse through tech. Don’t dismiss actions that make you uncomfortable because they only happen online and not offline. Learn tips to protect your privacy and set boundaries to disrupt unhealthy patterns.
Questioning: Do your DMs feel like threats? Does your partner use tech to always keep tabs? You have options to protect your privacy and set healthy boundaries. Talk to us to learn more.
What crosses the line online? Set boundaries and know where to find help for addressing your partner’s misuse of tech.
Get Help: Abuse through technology is still abuse. Mobilize help for intimate partner violence, online or off.
Shut down abuse. If your partner has a pattern of misusing tech to control, monitor, or harass you, make one more call—for help. Get privacy tips, help setting boundaries and support.
If you are seeking assistance in setting healthy boundaries for the use of technology in your relationship, you can reach out to your in-house Task Force True North providers and/or the Family Advocacy Program on your installation at 723-5096.
If you are concerned about your safety and need immediate support, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 or visit thehotline.org to live chat with someone who can help.
Mobilize Help for Safer Relationships. #MobilizeHelp
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